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Dentures and Partials

Partial Dentures

A partial denture is a removable dental appliance that replaces multiple missing teeth.

There are three basic types of partial dentures:

  1.  The first is a cast removable partial denture and consists of a metal base that has acrylic teeth attached to it. Metal clasps are the hook-like structures that help hold the removable partial denture in place.
  2. The second type of partial denture is the all-acrylic variety, sometimes referred to as an interim (temporary) removable partial denture or a “flipper”.
  3. The third type is the Valplast® partial denture, which is a nylon thermoplastic material that has several advantages over the other two types of partial dentures. Valplast partial dentures have no metal clasps and are very light weight. The material is translucent, so the patient’s own gums show through, giving a very natural appearance. Valplast partial dentures can be used to replace many or few missing teeth, and can even be modified to replace a missing tooth on only one side of the mouth, greatly enhancing its comfort. Valplast can also be used for full dentures on people who have irregularities in their jaw bone that would preclude the use of the standard rigid acrylic material. Another great advantage of Valplast is its resistance to breakage, as it is surprisingly strong relative to its size and weight.

    Valplast partial dentures are an excellent option for the replacement of missing teeth. The cost of treatment is usually much less than either a permanent bridge or dental implants and can be completed in just two or three short visits. Durable, lightweight, and esthetic, Valplast should be considered for anyone who needs replacement of missing teeth.

Complete Dentures

A complete denture is a removable dental appliance that replaces all of your teeth and adjacent tissues. Traditionally, dentures are held in place by the roof of your mouth and strong cheek and mouth muscles. However, dentures can now be held in place with dental implants. With an implant supported denture, there is a major improvement in fit and function.