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Pain Free Injections

The Onset Approach

In our office, we make getting dental anesthesia painless by utilizing The Onset Approach. By buffering our anesthetic, procedures are easier and more comfortable for the patients. There is less stress in our practice. Additionally, by buffering our anesthetic, patients get numb so fast that we can complete procedures without ever having to leave our patient’s side. This means patients are finished with their procedures faster. This helps us deliver a better patient experience.

Quieter Electric Handpieces

We are able to complete a variety of tasks faster with electric handpieces (drills).  Patients notice that our equipment doesn’t make that “irritating whining” noise.  Electric handpieces are noticeably quieter and don’t vibrate like traditional equipment. Patients notice their time in the chair is reduced because Dr. Marilyn is able to be more efficient. No one is complaining about spending less time in the chair.