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Digital X-Ray

Dentist showing jaws and teeth x-rays to his patient

Digital x-rays are computer generated images. These images require up to 80% less radiation than with conventional film type x-rays. This system takes pictures via a sensor and then almost instantaneously transmits a picture of the tooth onto the video monitor in the treatment room. The sensor is easy to place in the patient’s mouth. […]

Oral Cancer Screening

smiling man with grey hair and glasses

Early Detection Saves Lives Oral cancer is not a rare disease. Approximately 37,000 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer every year in the US. It kills one person every hour of every day, and over 100 new individuals will be diagnosed with it each day. The good news is that it can often be […]

Laser Dentistry

Dental laser and special tip for surgical procedures

Our office uses the latest technology in laser dentistry. Dr Marilyn Machusick and her staff are able to provide patients quick, comfortable, and pain-free soft tissue dental treatments with our diode laser. Laser dentistry has numerous advantages. Procedures performed with the soft tissue laser often don’t require stitches. Many procedures do not require anesthesia. Laser […]